Kasikasima Jungle Tour



The Kasikasima Expedition Tour is ideal for adventurous nature lovers who love a challenge. The tour starts from Paramaribo to Palumeu, a jungle-resort along the Upper Tapanahony River, near an Amerindian village with the same name. The following day, a boat trip will take you on a jungle track of 6 days on the river and in the Amazon rainforest. The beauty of this trip is that you will enter a pristine part of the rainforest, via the Palumeu River, at which you will cross over various rapids and sleep in camps, in hammocks.

Included during the tour:
*Transportation by airplane
*Juice (served during meals)
*Dutch and English speaking tour guide

Duration of the tour: 5 or 8 days.

Departure 5-day tour: Monday, return Friday. Rates starting from USD 800,

Departure 8-day tour: Monday, return following Monday or Friday. Rates starting from USD 860,-

For more information & reservations email: uniquepackageplan@gmail.com