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Product Description

Made in Italy
The roots of Costa Cruises in Italy and stamp are Made in Italy is still clearly present in the form of stylish elegance, attention to detail and a sense of joy that makes every day a unique experience. Meanwhile, Costa Cruises with twelve unique ships one of the largest cruise companies in Europe-still with that unmistakable Italian charm.

Enjoy in their own way
On board are comfort and quality at all times paramount. While the ship carries you along beautiful sailing routes, you can grab a snack or a dream evening informal in gala. After dinner, it’s time for the vibrant night life on board: cosy drink together, look up the dance floor or enjoy spectacular entertainment.

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With over 20 years of experience in the tourism and hotel industry, interest arose to exploit an own company. Mrs. Cornelly Markiet launched Unique Package Plan' on July 7, 2012.


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