Awarradam Tour



AWARRADAM exotic Jungle Lodge & Spa is hidden deep within the Amazon rainforest of Suriname on a idillic island in the Gran Rio River, near the Awarradam rapid. From here, a trip by boat (half hour) takes you to the fathest downstream situated villages of the Saramaccan who lived there according to ancient African traditions for over three hundred years. During your comfortable stay at the jungle lodge, you will experience the pristine Amazon rainforest on an exciting tour but also from the jungle lodge where you ca indulge yourself in our traditional jungle Spa. Part of all this is the culture of the cheerful ans hospitable Saramaccan. Awarradam Jungle Lodge is situated on the Gran Rio River, one hour by small airplane over the pristine Amazon rainforest of Suriname..

Rates starting from USD 615,- p.p.
Included during the tour:
*Transportation by airplane
*Juice (served during meals)
*Tour activities
*Dutch and English speaking tour guide

Duration of the tour: 4 or 5 days

Departure: Mondays and Fridays

For more information & reservations email: