lenovo ideapad s540 14 review

There’s a 50 Wh battery inside the IdeaPad S540, larger than you’ll get with most other ultrabooks in this segment. I have the low end model, the Ideapad s540-14API, with Ryzen 3500-u as CPU and Vega 8 as GPU. If that’s not an option, you could also consider replacing the Realtek chip with an Intel 9560, the process only requires to get inside, pop-out the old chip and throw the new one in its place. It includes the new AMD Ryzen 5 3500U / Ryzen 7 3700U and respectively the RX Vega 8 and RX Vega 10 in terms of graphics cards. Overall, it’s nice to see the ability to still upgrade the memory and storage on a 2019 ultraportable. The laptop is… Read more ». Basically, colors inside the black triangle are used by everyone and this is the essential part of the color quality and color accuracy of a mainstream notebook. Health-Guard simulates paper so the pressure on the eyes is greatly reduced. This 14-inch IdeaPad S540 has what it takes to be one of the most popular budget ultrabooks of its generation. Here you can see an approximate comparison between the CPUs that can be found in the Lenovo IdeaPad S540 (14") models on the market. *Load – playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted for 30 minutes,  fans 39-40 dB. That aside, there’s also an Intel-based variant of the 14-inch S540, code-named IdeaPad S540 14IWL. 323 x 227 x 15.9 mm (12.72" x 8.94" x 0.63"), Top 100 Best Laptops for League of Legends, Top 100 Best Laptops for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Top 100 Best Laptops for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), Top 100 Best Laptops for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Top 100 Best Laptops for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, Top 100 Best Laptops for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Top 100 Best Laptops for Rise of the Tomb Raider, Top 100 Best Laptops for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Top 100 Best Gaming Laptop Deals (Price/Performance). The wifi speed is extremely slow (around 0,3 mbps to 3mbps) and it seems depends on the network card, the Realtek 8821-ce. Finally, you actually get two M.2 slots for SSD storage, a standard 2280 slot that houses the Samsung PM981 on this sample, but also an additional M.2 2230 slot nearby. By The Good Housekeeping Institute Team. The Correlated Color Temperature on a white screen and at maximum brightness is 7825K (average) – colder than the 6500K optimum for sRGB. Again, it’s not as light or as small as other higher-tier ultraportables, but it’s more than portable enough for its class and for what most people would want and expect. It’s also not a gaming ultrabook by any means, but it can handle older titles better than a standard Core i5/i7 Intel version with integrated HD graphics, which is what you’ll get with similar priced Intel options. I also found it very quiet, perfectly adequate for library-use, schools or pretentious offices. While the Ideapad S540 didn’t seem to have any significant issues, we wouldn’t place it amongst the best of its class. The keyboard os the Ideapad S540 is once more the same we’ve seen on past IdeaPads/Yogas and even the newer ThinkBook 13s reviewed recently. I also wish they were louder, we only measured volumes of up to 70-71 dB at head-level, but at least they don’t push vibrations into the chassis and can be used at these higher settings. The CPU and GPU are soldered on the motherboard, but the Wi-Fi, RAM and storage are upgradeable. We’re comparing this AMD platform with the base-tier IceLake Core i5-1035G1 in our Swift 3 SF314-57 review, but quick spoiler, the AMD option is still the more capable in terms of graphics. The first column shows a computer’s reaction to a short load (2-10 seconds), the second column simulates a serious task (between 15 and 30 seconds), and the third column is a good indicator of how good the laptop is for long loads such as video rendering. This is the base-configuration of the S540 14API, but Lenovo also offers a higher-tier variant with more RAM, extra storage and the more capable AMD Ryzen 7 3700U processor. Lenovo went with a lower-tier option here, though: the LG Philips LP140WFA-SPD1. More precisely – it is mounted inside of the Ideapad 530s (14″), which happens to be the direct predecessor to the laptop we are testing today. As the table above shows, the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U has a major advantage in the ability to maintain high frequency throughout the entire test. Generation Intel Core i7-10510U processor. This processor is supported by 12GB DDR4-2666MHz RAM and a 512GB M.2 NVMe solid state hard drive. Then we have the base of the device. On the contrary, it’s feedback is clicky and it features a backlight. At the same time, though, the IdeaPad S540 14IWL is a much more expensive product, going for 700-1000 USD/EUR/GBP based on configuration, so it competes in a different segment, with the bigger fishes. Looking on the right, there are two USB 3.0 ports (one of which has an Always-On functionality), an SD card reader and the reset switch. I’ll also add some benchmarks results before we wrap this up, for those of you interested in numbers: Unlike with Intel ULV platforms, there’s no way to further tweak the performance of the AMD Ryzen APUs through undervolting, so you’ll have to settle with what you’re getting out of the box. Do you have any other recommendations? That’s about it for our review of the 14-inch AMD-powered Lenovo IdeaPad S540. 2007 - 2020 Some rights reserved - LaptopMedia.com Moreover, on its right, you can see the fingerprint reader which is pretty snappy. Finally, the industrial design leaves a fairly aggressive front lip that might dig into your wrists in certain typing positions, despite the big arm-rest and low profile. GPU-wise the options of the AMD system are only the integrated graphics chips – the Radeon RX Vega 8 and the Radeon RX Vega 10. On the other hand, they do allow it to lean back flat to 180-degrees, which will make the product versatile on the lap or on the thighs, something I greatly appreciate in an ultraportable. I was not sure how much of your review included this laptop. The average color temperature through the grey scale before profiling is 7700K. We have provided images at 45 degrees to evaluate quality. Our test version is a base-level configuration of the Lenovo IdeaPad S540 14API with the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor, Radeon RX Vega 8 graphics, 8 GB of RAM, and a 512 GB PCIe x4 SSD. As an Amazon Associate LaptopMedia earns from qualifying purchases. They opted for thick pieces of aluminum for the main-deck and the lid-cover, and that’s why the laptop feels well-built. We were pleasantly surprised by the gaming capabilities of the onboard Radeon RX Vega 8 Graphics card. Finally, my other nit is with the AMD platform as a whole. When we add the keyboard to the mix, we are still not convinced to recommend this laptop for anyone who values typing experience – the key travel was just too short for our likings. And while there are definitely cheaper options out there, it’s important to consider that this one doesn’t compromise on important traits as the build quality, typing experience, connectivity, everyday performance or battery life (much). If not, the HP ENvy x360 or the Asus ZenBook UM433 or UM425 would also be on my list, if AMD hardware is a must, Your email address will not be published. It has comfortable viewing angles. It worked fine with daily use, but I found it a little cheap on my fingers and noticed that it rattles with taps. Inside the black triangle, you will see the standard color gamut (sRGB) that is being used by millions of people in HDTV and on the web. Finally, you should make sure to test your unit for light bleeding on dark backgrounds. I can’t tell if that’s a random problem with some wi-fi chips, it could be, since Lenovo source their components from different manufacturers. We noticed some on our test unit, and I’ve also seen a few buyers complaining about it on the forums. The thermal behavior could be improved through software, though. Perhaps you’re fine with 3-5 hours of use on a charge, but I’m not, and based on our experience with the ThinkBook 13s, an Intel-based version of the IdeaPad S540 will run for significantly longer than this AMD variant. Prices and configurations vary over time, so follow this link for updated info at the time you’re reading this article. Not only you could enjoy games like CS:GO and DOTA2 at decent framerates and Full HD resolution, but if you are keen on dropping that resolution to 720p than GTA V becomes totally playable at 68 fps average – miles ahead of the most popular Intel UHD Graphics 620. But let’s not forget this is not a premium $1000+ ultrabook, and properly adjust our expectations here. It is, nontheless, surprising, and hopefully something that Lenovo can tweak with future software, as the thermals allow plenty of headroom for higher performance. On the bright side, the contrast ratio is decent, viewing angles – comfortable, and more importantly – the backlight doesn’t flicker. Thank you. The IdeaPad S540 is an excellent value ultrabook for those of you shopping on a more limited budget, and makes for a competent everyday computer or notebook for school. The laptop supports up to 12 GB of RAM, and some top-tier configurations ship with 12 GB out of the box. The screen can be considered Retina when viewed from at least 56 cm (from this distance, the average human eye can’t see the individual pixels). That one is built on Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and optional Nvidia MX250 graphics, so it can be a superior performer in light games and other demanding loads. July 13, 2020 at 5:01 pm, Looks like this 14-inch model was discontinued in North America. Regards from Mexico. Average core temperature (base frequency + X); CPU temp. At 35-38 dB, the fans are hardly audible in a normal room in this case, but you will hear them in quiet environments or at night when watching a movie. The maximum measured brightness is 250 nits (cd/m2) in the middle of the screen and 249 nits (cd/m2) average across the surface with a maximum deviation of 11%. Our instruments didn’t detect any usage of PWM across all brightness levels of the display. It’s not as bright, as color-accurate or as contrasty as the panels on higher-tier ultrabooks, but the regular user should still find it good enough for everyday use. In addition to receiving efficient and health-friendly profiles, by buying LaptopMedia's products you also support the development of our labs, where we test devices in order to produce the most objective reviews possible. We don’t mean to discredit Lenovo, as we were very satisfied with the performance of the Ryzen 5 3500U processor and RX Vega 8 GPU, that is inside of it (and for sure we are going to see even higher figures from the Ryzen 7 3700U/RX Vega 10 combo). Then there’s the rather clunky clickpad, the always-on fans, the fairly quiet speakers and the surprisingly short battery life, as well as the potential wireless problems that many have reported on the forums. But on top of all of these, this is excellently priced in most regions, and that greatly helps potential buyers look past its quirks. Popular gadgets including laptop, tablet and mobile specifications, features, prices, comparison. I’ve had several Zephyrus G14 models on my desk during these last two months, and have been using them both as daily drivers and while running our various tests.... Lenovo Legion 5 review (AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, GTX 1650Ti gaming laptop), ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 17 review (2020 G732LXS model – Core i7/i9, RTX 2080 150W), ASUS ZenBook S UX393EA review (Core i7-1165G7 Tiger Lake, 3:2 3K touchscreen), Acer Predator Helios 300 review (PH315-53 2020 model – Core i7, RTX 2070 graphics). In this test we use 100% on the CPU cores, monitoring their frequencies and chip temperature. Lenovo has deliberately increased the premium feel on this device, compared to its predecessor. It is home to a MacBook style speakers, that are firing towards the user. Lenovo Ideapad S540 (14″)’s IPS panel has a Full HD resolution, comfortable viewing angles, decent contrast ratio and non-flickering backlight. At the same time, those issues are mostly driver-based, so perhaps Lenovo managed to figure them out recently. Its main disadvantage is the poor color coverage (only 52% of sRGB). Up to you if that’s worth paying extra and sacrificing the gaming performance for. There is also the option of the AMD Ryzen 3 3200U, which is a dual-core/quad-thread CPU. While we’re still nitpicking, I have to mention that the hinges are fairly stiff and you’ll need both hands to lift-up the screen and adjust its angle. It's built well and looks nice, it gets an IPS screen and a fast and quiet backlit keyboard, it handles everyday activities without hiccups and lasts for a few hours of use on a charge. Office Work should be used mostly by users who spend most of the time looking at pieces of text, tables or just surfing. Here’s what we got on our review unit, with the screen’s brightness set at around 120 nits (~70 brightness). the newer ThinkBook 13s reviewed recently, from the Core i7/MX250 based ZenBook UX434FL, IceLake Core i5-1035G1 in our Swift 3 SF314-57 review, follow this link for updated info at the time you’re reading this article, AMD Ryzen 7 4800U/4700U laptops – specs, benchmarks and complete list of devices, Best ultrabooks and portable laptops in 2020 – complete buying guide, Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 Deals on ultrabooks and portable laptops, 14.0 inch, 1920 x 1080 px, IPS, non-touch, matte (LG Philips LP140WFA-SPD1), 8 GB DDR4 2400 Mhz (4GB soldered + 1x 4GB DIMM), 512 GB M.2 PCIe x4 SSD (Samsung PM981 MZVLB512HAJQ-000L2), empty M.2 2242 slot, Wireless AC 2×2 (Realtek RTL8822BE), Bluetooth 4.2, 2x USB-A 3.0, 1x USB-C 3.1 gen1, HDMI 1.4b, SD card-reader, mic/headphone, 323 mm or 12.72” (w) x 227 mm or 8.94” (d) x 15.9 mm or 0.62” (h), ~3.05 lbs (1.37 kg) + .75 lbs (.34 kg) for the charger and cables, EU version, white backlit keyboard, webcam, 2x 2W stereo speakers, finger sensor, fast and quiet keyboard, but rather shallow feedback, solid everyday performer, runs cool and quiet, configurable and allows for RAM/SSD user upgrades, fans unnecesarily always active with daily use. Still, we’ve included other color spaces like the famous DCI-P3 standard used by movie studios, as well as the digital UHD Rec.2020 standard. I have been searching for the Lenovo IdealPad 5 Ryzen 4700u but I can’t seem to find it on Canadian websites… even Amazon.ca. Some of them are extremely cheap, while others – can cost a pretty penny. The laptop comes with a 65W charger that plugs-in via a classic barrel plug. Details below, taken with a Sypder4 sensor: Calibration helps address the white point, gamma and color imbalances, but don’t plan to use this for any activity that requires high color accuracy anyway. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 just around the corner, this article gathers some of the best deals I was able to find online in these last days... Best Chromebooks of 2020 – comparisons, reviews and buying guide, The search for the best wireless keyboard: Logitech K400 Plus vs. K830 vs. MX Keys, Fanless and silent laptops, Chromebooks and ultrabooks in 2020 – a detailed list, Asus ZenBook 13 UX325JA vs ZenBook 14 UX425JA compared, Copyright © 2011-2019 Ultrabookreview.com. Speaking of the maximum brightness, it is 250 nits, which is not the highest we saw, and might be tough to see in a very bright outdoor condition. Before we wrap this up, I must mention that while one of the better value 14-inch ultraportables on the market, the IdeaPad S540 14 is not without rivals. If the download target is a .php file instead of an archive, change the file extension to .zip or contact us at [email protected]. In this article we’re taking a look at the 14-inch variant of the Lenovo IdeaPad S540, in it’s competitively priced AMD Ryzen variant. Lenovo’s Ideapad lineup combines a wide variety of devices. Lenovo Ideapad S540 (14″)’s display has a Full HD IPS panel, model number LG LP140WFA-SPD1 (LGD05EC). In the illustration below you can see how the display performs from uniformity perspective. Just don’t plan to run very demanding chores. Perhaps this lap top is not available in Canada. The last of the options is the entry-level Radeon RX Vega 3. THealth-Guard eliminates the harmful Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) and reduces the negative Blue Light which affects our eyes and body. However, as you’ll find down below, it’s not without quirks, as it lacks certain features you’ll get with higher-tier devices and settles for a rather dim and washed out screen, as well as potentially buggy wireless. Thank you for the review, Kyubi. The yellow dotted line shows Lenovo Ideapad S540 (14″)’s color gamut coverage. However, they also remain active all the time with daily use, despite the fact that this would well do with passive cooling. Ideapad S540 (14″)’s packaging includes some paper manuals and warranty documents, a 65W power brick and the laptop itself. To start, there’s the CIE 1976 Uniform Chromaticity Diagram that represents the visible specter of colors by the human eye, giving you a better perception of the color gamut coverage and the color accuracy. Its display covers a narrow 52% of the sRGB/ITU-R BT.709 (web/HDTV standard) in CIE1976. That aside, there’s also an Intel-based variant of the 14-inch S540, code-named IdeaPad S540 14IWL. We recorded Fall Time + Rise Time = 23 ms. Pulse-width modulation (PWM) is an easy way to control monitor brightness. That one is built on Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and optional Nvidia MX250 graphics, so it can be a superior performer in light games and other dema…

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