Plantage Bakkie Day Trip

Plantage Bakkie Day Trip


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Plantation Reynsdorp, also known as plantation Bakkie, is a former coffee plantation with old sluices and buildings. Around 1900, the plantation was divided over former contracts, primarily from Javanese. Plantation Bakkie is the last inhabited plantation on the right bank of the Commewijne river. You can visit the Bakkie Museum where you can admire one of the most unique collections of original books, illustrations and objects of Suriname. You can also take a look into the diaries of J.G. Stedman from 1799, the picture book of Benoit from 1823, receipts from the abolishment of slavery, brandmarks, bandy shackles, a picture of Maria Sibylla Merian and lots more which can all be seen in the Bakkie Museum.

The greenery yard at plantation Bakkie is a special place since Daniel Rolander visited this area in 1755 and described the date palm from Senegal. This palm tree is still found at plantation Bakkie. You can also see the Kwasibita, edible flowers from Malaysia, as well as other plants. Since 2006, plantation Bakkie has been brought back to life. Marsha Mormon came to the plantation in 2006 in search of her roots since her ancestors originate from this place and she decided to stay. A lot of work has since been done to recover the foreland and the buildings. She also had a wooden shed renovated which now serves as a restaurant. Following a research, Marsha also appeared to be heiress to a large part of plantation Reynsfort. End of 2014, she was even mentioned in the NOS journal in the Netherlands as example of a success story of preservation of heritage.

The trip is all-in and includes: boat transportation, extensive lunch, drinks, tour guide and tours on the plantation. You also support this project if you take part in this day trip. Part of the proceeds go to preservation and further development of this unique project.

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