Nickerie & Bigi Pan Tour

Nickerie & Bigi Pan Tour


Product Description

Visit and experience 4 of 6 coastal districts of Suriname. Going west from Paramaribo, we visit the capital of Saramacca, Coronie and Nickerie. Each district is characterized by still retaining its authentic culture and economic activity. The highlight of this tour is a visit to nature reserve Bigi Pan where you will be amazed by the unique flora and fauna.

Highlights/ Activities
•Visiting all the passing districts (each with its own character)
•Impressive cruise on Bigi Pan
•Visit to the most Temple in Nickerie

What makes this tour special
•Acquaintance with different cultures
•History of all immigrants
•Unique swamp area with its flora and fauna
•Excellent blend of history, nature and culture (Javanese, Maroon, Creole and Hindi)
•No malaria

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